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An Easy-to-Win Casino Game - Mahjong Hi Lo | MaxBet Malaysia | IBCBet Malaysia

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MaxBet Malaysia IBCBet Casino Game Mahjong Hi Lo

Mahjong Hi Lo is an arcade casino game developed by MaxBet Malaysia, the leading online sports betting website in Malaysia, and is highly unique as we have not found any similar casino game like this thus far. It's pretty simple to pick up this game. There are only 10 mahjong cards in the middle of table, and player needs to place his bet before picking the first card. Subsequently, player would need to place his second bet, to gauge whether the second card is either higher or lower than the first card which is at the choice of player. Other than that, player can also place multiple bets at one time, instead of gauging just "higher" or "lower", "Same", "Stones", "Bamboos", and "Characters" are side bets that are available for betting as well. The side bets would bring even more profit to the player if he succeeds to gauge the correct result. 

One of the reasons why Mahjong Hi Lo is so popular amongst other arcade casino games produced by MaxBet Malaysia, could be attributed to its special game structure as well as stunning graphic design which is considered tip-top in the online gambling industry. Given the fact that MaxBet Malaysia positions itself as a fully-integrated online betting platform, it has been putting massive efforts into developing various highly entertaining casino games other than online sports betting products. This allows all soccer betting players to fill the time gap before a live soccer result is released. 

Formerly known as IBCBet Malaysia, MaxBet Malaysia has slowly transformed itself into the top online gambling brands in Malaysia despite fierce competition in the market. Nevertheless, MaxBet Malaysia successfully stands out from other international online sportbook maker such as SBOBet Malaysia and holding a signifiant portion of market share nowadays. For any further enquiry, please visit to find out more. 

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MaxBet Malaysia (formerly known as IBCBet Malaysia), is the largest online sports betting company in Malaysia that offers players to bet any sport events such as Football (Soccer), Basketball, Tennis, Iced Hockey, etc. MaxBet Malaysia is considered the best online sportbook with all kinds of football betting systels, including Asian Handcapped, Mixed Parlay, 1x2, Correct Score, etc. Join MaxBet Malaysia now to Win Big!


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